As a Psychologist, I Bring an Extra Dimension
to Your Copy and Marketing Content

There are plenty of copywriters in the market. But few of them have the formal training in psychology and patient care that adds that extra dimension to your copy.  I focus on understanding the deepest human concerns and empowering individuals to take positive steps in their lives.

I am trained as an effective problem solver who listens well, researches carefully and clarifies important issues.

As a a psychologist and experienced healthcare provider, I have experience with a wide variety of concerns and needs in people’s lives.  Problem solving and making informed decisions and setting and reaching goals are all big parts of the human experience.

As a writer, I explore all angles to put a story into perspective.  I see the broad, realistic picture in content information.  Then I peel back each detailed layer in order to craft a compelling argument about product values.

I invite you to contact me to discuss a question or project and how I can assist you with your marketing messages.

Telephone:  702-556-2596
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                                            What Makes Me Different?

Contact Me
  • Phone: 702-556-2596
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Hi, I am Patricia White.  You can count on me for:

1. Meeting Deadlines
2. Being Easy to Work With
3. Clear Writing
4. Careful Research
5. Problem Solving
6. Reliability

My Passion

Solving customer problems and tapping into the heart of customer’s lives is my Passion.  Human welfare is important to me.

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My Copywriting Tells Your Story

From my B.A. in Journalism to my knowledge of people, my writing will craft an important perspective for your product.  Let me capture the attention of your prospects.

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Exciting Products
Fire Up My Creativity

  I am enthusiastic about marketing your products with clear copy that highlights the superiority of your products.  This is an exciting time for scientific breakthroughs.

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