Case Study

Direct Response Letters

Here are two samples of direct response letters: One for a business development firm and the second for a photography business.

Only Another Golfer Would Get It!

Golf is an important part of the path to business success. Not because you meet so many prospects and network powerfully, although you do. Not because you try not to be distracted over your performance and work harder, you do that, too. Not because golf offers beautiful environments to de-stress in, that it does!

It is the clear path to success because golf pushes you to develop important skills and self-confidence, all while playing a favorite game. It is training for accomplishment in the skills that make you an unquestionably skilled professional.

Golf is all about focus, if it is anything. It is about calmly and coolly taking IMAGE measured steps that produce success.

It’s about learning to block out meaningless distractions that lead you off

It’s about diligently applying a special set of skills you need to get from A
to B without leaving out critical details that make or break the process.

It’s about self-discipline, the kind that doesn’t let you quit before the job is

And it’s about cultivating humor and humility.

So, When We Offer a Simple, Uncomplicated Solution
to Improving Your Swing, You Know We Get It, Too

There’s not a golfer anywhere of any age who doesn’t have a day wondering why swing improvements are so difficult. Nor is there a business professional who doesn’t wish for the ease of focusing, making clear decisions, improving discipline, or isn’t wishing for a “do over” on the last decision.

Usually, finding a solution to reduce the stress and frustration in your daily business life comes from others who want you to study more, learn more “business techniques”, buy their six easy lessons for success at the cost of hundreds of dollars.

Or others who lead you to special coaching that is outrageously costly, even though you aren’t sure they can do what they promise.

What Is Missing?

You are no novice in the business world. You have studied business development, IMAGE
marketing, management, and many business processes. You have in-depth
experience, intimate product knowledge, perhaps years earning your place
in the company or industry.

When you think about golf and why you love it, you know you are missing valuable opportunities to improve, if you aren’t learning new techniques for improving your swing.

These skills aren’t specific just to business. Rather these skills are what dedicated health professionals, industrial and political leaders, science practitioners, as well as business men and women apply in their work and their lives. Golf is an entry to part of the success formula.

K……. Online Marketing Experts Bring Creative Solutions

Dry, sometimes boring, business programs are just one solution for increasing business skills. A better way is to use your natural love of golf, and make it easy to learn and practice. We do it all for you in our “Improve Your Golf Swing in 30 Days or Less.” And the price is under $99

K……… works with business clients helping them to clarify what they want to accomplish. Then our experts create programs that take the stress and frustration out of entrepreneurs’ daily lives. They establish a simplified process that enables all of the work to be done with ease by the business owner.

No, Improving Your Swing Won’t Guarantee Sales

What it will do is train you to master something you love and broaden your abilities to be on target, capable and perceptive. Our golf training program for executives of any age dovetails nicely with stress management, brings focus to your repertoire of skills, feeds your self-confidence and lets you practice discipline.

Our program is all done for you, to be used where you want, with total lessons contained in audio and video programs. You need only turn the lessons on, and watch and listen. Practice your new swing improvements at your leisure.

Our program trains you to think and act more productively, and it does so without breaking you financially.

K…….. Marketing
Exciting “Improve Your Golf Swing in 30 Days or Less!”

For what it costs to take a family to one reasonably priced restaurant, our 30 daily lessons on video and audio allow you to schedule your lessons to fit your life. You need only to set a time and place for you to participate in the lesson.

No need to travel away from the convenience of your home or business.

Register Now (button) to improve your golf swing in 30 days or less for a total cost of $97.00

Your 30 daily lessons on video and audio will be shipped immediately.

Wait, here’s our guarantee. You have nothing to lose!


P.S. We offer a 90 day money back guarantee. If you haven’t reached your goal in 90 days, you may return the program and we will refund you the cost.

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Congratulations, You Have Made Your Commitment, Now Plan the Perfect Wedding Album!

Dear Reader,

Capture the Magic of Your Most Special Day— Your Wedding Day!

Planning your wedding is one of the most important activities you will ever do. In the early stages of deciding all the details and how you picture your Wedding day, you are setting the scene for making your dreams come true, for how you want to portray the ceremony of your love as a couple.

Let Me Bring the Artist’s touch to the Occasion

Hi, I am Tonya Harvey.

From your first inquiry about your wedding photography, I am listening for the special meanings of your connection with your mate. Then I set my plans for photographing your wedding, just to capture that special connection.

The magic of your relationship shines in all your life activities together, so I make my goals to capture this magic in pictures–photographs so wonderful that they will tell your story for years to come about what makes your relationship so special and magical.

Blending Artistry with The Techniques of Photography

The artistry of my craft, of course, depends on a blending of my technical expertise with my artist’s eye. I bring my artist’s sense of what the magic between you is all about.

You will see in the photography page on my website examples of all the types of photography I specialize in; I particularly love my wedding,s because I am able to focus a lens on the most special day of your life as a couple.

Check out the many weddings I have photographed. I have studied for years to capture the moment with just the right lighting, the aperture of the lens and the ability to know what exposure will enhance your moments.

The settings are part technical and part artistic, bringing just the right amount of background or framing to feature the heart of the relationship, to bring the moods of your day into a living showcase. My experience allows me to blend my skills with the beauty of your day to create a loving tribute to your wedding day.

My Clients Tell Me They Are So Pleased

I have received many thanks for my work from many clients. Here’s what a few have had to say about how they experienced their wedding photography.

…“Tonya, our family is so pleased with the wedding pictures. They traveled from France for the wedding and this is the perfect album to show their friends. Robert and I knew we’d made the right choice for our photographer the minute we met you!”

… Amelia LevineThank you for making our day so memorable. We love all the photographs.”

… Ruth CarbineWe just received the album. It was like living the love of that day over and over! Thank you”.

Let’s Consult to Make Your Wedding Your Most Special Day

Planning the photography for your wedding will help you decide about what will make this day so special.

I would love to consult with you about the perfect atmosphere and moments that will make your Wedding Album one of your most treasured collections. This is the time for you to set the scene and decide how your special setting and theme will fill your dreams for the perfect Wedding Day!

Consultations are free. Call 702-812-8515

Sincerely, Tonya Harvey

P.S. The client will proofread and approve copy before publication, assuming responsibility for any errors or omissions

Contact Me
  • Phone: 702-556-2596
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Patricia White Copywriting
Thank you Pat for the letter you did for me to send out. Last month, I got two new clients with it. Sincerely, Tonya Harvey
Patricia White Copywriting
Dear Pat, We want to thank you for the article you wrote to help us sell our hotel. We have gotten several leads from the distribution of the article. We have possible buyers reviewing the property next week. Marsha and Mike Barstow
Patricia White Copywriting
The case study you wrote for us is terrific, Patricia! Your writing style is clear and concise and your approach is friendly and professional. Congrats! Thomas……on the go.