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Here are three healthcare content samples: a dental company direct response letter, an article about mental and physical health, and a longer direct response letter for the homeopathic industry

Take Your Smile to a New Level with Cosmetic Dentistry!

Are You Afraid to Smile in a Business Meeting?
Are You Uncomfortable Talking in Public?

You Know What Works—First Impressions Always:

  • Determine Who Will Succeed
  • Guarantee Who Will Stand Out
  • Make the Sale

An Instant Solution for Dental Problems is Yours!

Research is fast and easy with No further struggle to find answers to poor self-esteem and lack of self-confidence because you are afraid you cannot make the first impression that you’ve always wanted. You know how important for your career and personal life it is for your dental problems to be solved. If you are ready to make a decision, you need a trusted source of information like Smile Steps to help you make the right decision.

Can My Problem Be Fixed?

Research the Ins and Outs of Cosmetic Dentistry

A variety of dental procedures fall under cosmetic dentistry. Yes, your problem has a solution. If you are just getting started to do serious research about possible solutions to your problem, provides an amazing amount of in-depth information

It is a good place to get an understanding of the variety of procedures that qualify as cosmetic dentistry and the basics of what is involved in the procedures.

Cosmetic dentistry varies from tooth replacement, dental veneers, to adding a dental crown. You may need teeth whitening, teeth replacement with veneers, caps or crowns, surgically placed implants, teeth straightening, or even dentures.

Smile Steps will provide all the information you need to make a good decision for you.

The Next Critical Step –Find a Dentist You Can Trust

You need advice from a qualified dentist, but not every dentist knows how to help clients who have special dental cosmetic needs. In the U.S., you can avoid a lot of stress and save a lot of time by taking advantage of 1800….. See SS for foreign dentists, too.

1800….. matches you with friendly, trustworthy, and pre-screened dentists. Their service is free, there’s no obligation or commitment, and over 7 million people have successfully used them.

Cosmetic Dentistry is a Science and an Art,
But Not Taught in Dental School

The specialized knowledge and skill of cosmetic dentistry is learned by dentists after beginning their practice, then attending additional professional courses. This study is offered only to dentists who wish to expand their expertise and skills beyond dental school.

The dentist you select needs to have specific credentials related to cosmetic dentistry. In some cases, you may need to work with different specialists to reach your desired goal. It may become a team effort, including working with specialized labs and expert technicians who focus on aesthetic procedures, like veneers.

The service provided by 1800…… is a good way to begin your search for a dentist in your neighborhood. Remember the service is free and you will be matched to dentists you can trust and who are in your area.

All recommended dentists have been pre-screened to make sure they are properly licensed and that their license is up to date. There’s no obligation. Over 7 million people have successfully used 1800Dentist.

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry is within Your Reach

Let a consultation with a dental professional take all the uncertainty away. You know you are worth it. Technology and improved dental skills are capable of letting you beam as brilliantly as successful professionals do. Talk to a dentist
about what is both affordable and possible.

  • While many dental plans may not cover cosmetic dentistry because it is considered elective or not medically necessary, your dentist may know how to help you get insurance coverage.
  • Often medical procedures of the mouth may come under insurance and also heighten aesthetics.
  • If the procedure is needed for health reasons, it may be covered.
  • When dental work is part of a comprehensive medical treatment, the insurance may cover.
  • If it is necessary to replace existing, but faulty dental work, insurance coverage may be possible.

Check out and register for the free newsletter. The newsletter reports on dental procedures that give you a great smile, new and exciting developments in the industry that affect you, and discounts and coupons for home teeth whitening kits and much more.



Boost Your Mental Edge in Only 12 Weeks

Healthy Aging Means Thinking Clearly!

Jack retired last year and looked forward to a life of leisure. After a few months, it just wasn’t what he expected. He began to feel like life was passing him by, and it seemed that he wasn’t as sharp as he had been. Maybe too much leisure had swallowed him!

It’s old news that you function better overall, if you are not a couch potato. Here’s a slightly new wrinkle, together mental and physical activity produce considerably improved cognitive functioning.

Research reports that cognition improved significantly with both mental and physical activity, but neither one was better than the other. The research was first published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

The authors demonstrated that stimulating activity, both mental and exercise, can improve your cognition in only 12 weeks. The amount of activity is more important than the type of activity.

Let Friends Guide You

Set Up Your Own Experiment: Be Creative Within Your Abilities

Games, puzzles or learning new information could be good mental activities. A physical activity in a class setting was used in the study. Perhaps yoga, gym-based exercise, even walking as vigorously as possible with a friend, could be your physical activity.

Prevent/Delay Cognitive Decline!

Additionally, on a broader scale, a worldwide epidemic of dementia is anticipated during the 40 years. Longer life expectancies and changes in lifestyle contribute to the chances of keeping your brain sharp. Engaging activities present potential strategies to prevent or delay cognitive changes prior to decline in cognitive functioning.

From the prospective of a retired person, life is no fun, if you aren’t intimately involved with your own use of time and energy. Being retired or having kids move on often leaves a big hole, especially if you were active.

Declining cognitive function because your life has become essentially boring or never stimulating, is a “no brainer.” Something has to change.

What’s In It for You?

A sense of satisfaction always arises when you are the driver of your own destiny, not waiting around for age to overtake you. Chances are that more active participation in setting the course of your life will mean a truly better life. And preventing cognitive decline is exceptionally appealing.

Resilience Originates in Our DNA

Each person comes into this life withpredetermined amounts of resilience. It is carried in our genes. This ability to adapt to changing environments and stress permeates our physical being and decisively directs our ability to survive.


Healthcare Providers Don’t Let Medical Establishment
Fears Take You Away from Your Oath to Heal

Are You Sick of Being Part of Antiquated
Healthcare That Avoids Solid Health Research?

Healthcare Providers, you are members of the highest profession in the world. You provide life and life improvement to those who are dependent upon you for survival and quality of life.
Yet, there are many times that you know an answer to your patient’s dilemma is not available to you. Yes, it’s true, there are many cases that Western allopathic medicine alone cannot help. Your profession has burdened you with responsibilities. Their rules only frustrate and play into a sense of helplessness.

Now Isn’t the Time to Give Up

You Can Change your Practice of Medicine,
Even If the Medical Powers-That-Be
Still Hide Behind Their Half Truths and Lies

Anyone who has lived into adulthood knows that there are many paths up the mountain. Rigid paths that the elite medical establishment say are the only truths have competition! Research that is solid and done by the proper standards is available to you.
But, don’t be led to wrong conclusions.

Expand Your Knowledge of the Powers of Medicine
Beyond the Limiting Lessons of Medical School

Learn how you will have far reaching impact on patients that you never imagined possible. Yes, many healthcare providers have taken the leap to “outside the box.” They have surpassed all their expectations to heal that were part of the dream about why you went into healthcare in the first place!
Fill in the gaps, open yourself to new horizons that will take your practice to a new level. Learn the fascinating, research facts that the medical establishment denies you. Renew your oath to heal.
Take a look at what a British doctor experienced and how it changed her life and her patients’ lives. 1 Then commit yourself to an opportunity to learn about miracles and healthcare that does live up to your oath to heal.

Shatter the Myths that Brainwash you to Accept
Medical Establishment half truths.

Seeds of doubt have been sewn by the media with factual reports about miraculous treatments. Providers can’t escape from information stating that reputable doctors are getting behind natural healing. Your client’s reports may have caused you to step back.

The medical establishment’s claims against adjunctive medicine are false.
Those seeds of doubt give rise to new hope for medicine, for your medicine. You don’t need to stand apart from reports of healing that defy the medical establishment logic. You need to learn about it and gain an understanding of the way the world is trending in medicine.

European Healthcare has Stepped Up.

India has a whole system that extends health with reasonable costs and wide reaching influences.

You know how exciting it is when a journal details the exceptional study of findings thought to be way down the road in actuality. But a new application, new premise opens up the door to rethinking medical claims. It is exciting when creative thinking and science finally catch up to innovation.

Alternative Medicine Changes People’s Lives.

The changes have come from alternative healing practices. But the prevailing medical mainstream is threatened by any threat to their dominance. They opposes claims of credibility by alternative medicine.
In actuality, many of these scientific studies are not in opposition to Western medicine. Instead, these practices are adjuncts that could expand healing by 110%. Doctors and healthcare professionals could expand their thinking and support alternative medicine as curative.”

You Need the Power of Knowledge and Trusted Information

Access to this form of medicine that succeeds where conventional medicine has failed is an invaluable gift. Begin the process of understanding the kinds of medicine practiced in many parts of the world.

Click Here to Begin Learning about Miracles of “Modern” Medicine

Imagine Treating Headaches–with Success,
or Providing Valuable Help in Addiction Treatment

What if you learned new ideas for treating conditions that plague healthcare providers? What if you added to your repertoire of healing skills techniques that work? What if you didn’t let the medical establishment limit you?
There is only one way to expand your knowledge. Allow yourself to gather information and decide whether you want to expand your skills.
No, learning about the miracles of alternative medicine is not going to be a quick fix. You have to work to become a seasoned practitioner of miracle medicine. It is the first step in recognizing the value of new skills. There is more to medicine than the establishment portrays.

This “New” Medical Approach Existed Long,
Long Before You Went for Medical Training

In fact its roots reach back to Hippocrates (460-377 BC). It took a German physician, Samuel Hahnermann (1755-1843) to devise an actual system. It’s called homeopathy, and features the idea that “like cures like.” In other words, taking small amounts of a substance will cure the same symptoms it causes by taking it in large amounts.
Subscribe to Homeopathic Healing Miracles. Put yourself in touch with the latest homeopathic applications. You will receive knowledge of specific remedies that have cured over and over again. This monthly newsletter will be your private test. It will help you decide if homeopathic medicine could boost your practice of medicine.

Learning about Miracles Re-Ignites Your Dreams to Heal

Homeopathy is a commitment. It is not a quick bullet for the impatient. Homeopathic Healing Miracles will put you in touch with valuable resources. It will help you make a list of practitioners to benefit your patients.

It may even be the answer you’ve been seeking to get back the enthusiasm you have lost. Maybe you’ll want to join the many practitioners who have added homeopathy to their medical skills.
You will understand why a doctor spends over an hour with a patient to reach the best medical solution. It is far different than spending spend 5 minutes and prescribing a quick fix pill!
Click here for your learning opportunity

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