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Dear Outdoors Lovers, Plan Your Retirement

Imaging Living an Active Retirement in Pristine Wilderness

Where Fishing and Hunting Abound!

If you are a person or a couple who love the outdoors and want to spend your retirement years where you could live your dream, your ideal retirement would likely find you away from busy highways and cities. It would be somewhere that you could live in close touch with nature and in appreciation of hardy individuals who like to do their own thing, just like you.

You might want somewhere that is not in total isolation, but rather has some of the necessary items that make for a comfortable lifestyle, perhaps a short drive from a lively town where shopping and a few restaurants can be found. After the few hours you might leave your hideaway village for supplies, you will be glad to return to the beautiful setting of the perfect retirement!

You probably know that a retirement without activities that fill your passions would not be on your list. But when you get to the time that you’d like fewer stresses and more of your chosen lifestyle, it’s time to start searching for what would fill the bill.

Let me tell you more about this ideal location that others come from around the world to sample the easily accessible hunting and fishing I am describing to you.

Your Vision of an Active Retirement, Living in the Great Outdoors Awaits You!

Hi, we are Marsha Davis and Mike Barstow, and we want to introduce you to the perfect retirement! Lamoille, Nevada in Northern Nevada is still far enough off the beaten path, but not so far you can’t find your kind of social connections or stay to yourself, if you prefer. Lamoille is nestled at the base of the stunning and awesome Northern Nevada Ruby Mountain range.

Summers are filled with outdoor activities with friendly neighbors who enjoy the same life pleasures. Warm days that are not hot, but just right, allow for long seasons for outdoor life. The beautiful changing colors of the season as summer slips into fall can be seen from your kitchen window, and a short ride up the mountains treats you to riotous colors as the quaking aspen follow the season, ready for the winter.

Perhaps, you are a winter enthusiast and would love to cross country ski through meadows and hillside trails or ice fish in the nearby lakes. The first snowfall may send you to warmer climates for a couple months, returning when the trees and daffodils sport their springtime blossoms. Plenty of the residents stay bundled up in their warm houses during winter months, so if you have a business you would find workers, while you check in every few weeks for updates.

Are You Searching for the Perfect Retirement that Includes the Financial Security of a Fully Functioning Part-Time Business?

We are offering a unique bed and breakfast property with a return guest list that provides extra financial assurance for retirement. The Hotel Lamoille is and up and running with records to show a history of good occupancy, making your retirement or pre-retirement ready for you now.

For your customers, the hotel is a perfect weekend getaway for folks from nearby areas or for the long distance traveler who wants to experience the atmosphere of an attractively themed bed and breakfast off the beaten path. There are 3 rooms, each sleeping two to four travelers.

Lamoille is 30 miles from Interstate 80, running through Nevada from Reno to Salt Lake City, Utah. The lively close town is Elko, Nevada which is a major stop for East to West travelers. Elko boasts tourists year round.

Lamoille is a natural short hop for travelers who want to experience a genuine Nevada small community. Most of our guests reserve their rooms prior to their trip to Northern Nevada. The hotel is furnished with premium linens and up to date furniture, and all is included in the purchase. The heating system is certified. Several remodeling projects have been completed to assure you that the hotel is fully functioning with no major repairs needed.

The only question is: are you ready for an immediate purchase to jump start your retirement?

Visit Us to Experience the Wonderful Lifestyle We Have to Offer!

We welcome your interest and would appreciate the opportunity to show you Hotel Lamoille and our outstandingly beautiful location. You can contact us directly at 775-753-6871. If we are hunting or fishing, leave a message and we will get right back to you.

Marsh Davis and Mike Barstow, owners Hotel Lamoille

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