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Why Me?

I Am Passionate about Quality of Life

You have invested major efforts, time and money to market products that improve the lives of fellow humans beings. You need a writer who sees your vision and can convey your beliefs in the valuable benefits and features of your products. Helping others is a great gift, and improving lives stands alone at the top. I am passionate about human welfare.

My Love of Writing Began
with a B.A. in Journalism

After three years in display advertising for the Reno Newspapers, I left my first love of writing for a career as a Ph.D. psychologist. As a result, I am an inquisitive, compassionate and caring communicator who loves to write. I learned to listen intently, pull out the main ideas and express myself clearly.

I know how to help others find the right path for themselves, and how to take on difficult challenges. My blog,, features my writings as a psychologist.

I particularly enjoy writing case studies, white papers and articles that explore and relate the important content you need in your marketing.

I’m Honored To Play a Part in Scientific
Breakthroughs and Life Improvements

We have only seen the tip of change in products that improve lifes, and I, for one, am excited to be a part of big discoveries. My training in research and my understanding of the power each of us holds to influence our lives, has put me in the perfect place to help others explore opportunities. From biotechnology, to new brain understandings, to alternative medicine, to the shifting paradigm of mind-body health, we are in for fascinating advances. And this is a terrific opportunity for writers to promote great discoveries.

Individuals’ quality of life, thoughts, personalities and beliefs are important aspects in happiness. Alternative medicine is a valuable adjunct to healthcare, and one I support. My writing often explores the science behind exciting products and services.

Let’s Discuss Your Copywriting Needs

I am enthusiastic about copywriting and helping you to market your products. Please contact me to discuss any questions or more information. Check out my writing samples by clicking at the top of page.

email: [email protected]

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  • Phone: 702-556-2596
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Patricia White Copywriting
Thank you Pat for the letter you did for me to send out. Last month, I got two new clients with it. Sincerely, Tonya Harvey
Patricia White Copywriting
Dear Pat, We want to thank you for the article you wrote to help us sell our hotel. We have gotten several leads from the distribution of the article. We have possible buyers reviewing the property next week. Marsha and Mike Barstow
Patricia White Copywriting
The case study you wrote for us is terrific, Patricia! Your writing style is clear and concise and your approach is friendly and professional. Congrats! Thomas……on the go.